“DJ Excel & his crew the SkratchMakaniks, are breathing life back into the fundamentals of turntab-lism, while adding a flavor all their own. The city of brotherlylove has long been known as the home of unique sounds & styles,Excel sets himself apart with a trademark sound that’s heavy onthe cross fader. His turntable tac- tics have earned him muchrespect in Philly & throughout the country.”


"All-Time High is an emerging California-based label that was founded by David “EXCEL” Alper and Frank Barouti. EXCEL is a self-proclaimed 20-year international “turntable veteran” who began designing his eponymous brand a few years ago. Barouti, in turn, offers his prolific experience developing bags and accessories for the new label that champions varsity-inspired designs and elevated denim pieces."


"One of the few true DJ's left in the world. He is the "Philly DJ sound" that everyone talks about. Ex is one of the few dj's that I've played a 4 turntable set with."

DJ Jazzy Jeff

"The Magnificent"

Drawing upon the rich musical heritage of his Philadelphia upbringing and a cultivated influence from the numerous DJ pioneers that Philly birthed into the culture, it’s no surprise that the self taught DJ, who began his journey at age 11, has been a dance floor powerhouse in nightclubs around the world for 20 years.